The Facts on Ephedrine


Ephedrine is a very popular product that is used by a lot of people. I first started using ephedrine about six years ago when I began bodybuilding. I found ephedrine and caffeine to be the ultimate “cutting” stack. For those who do not know what the term “cutting” refers to, it refers to a period where a bodybuilder cuts down on calories and attempts to burn body fat to reveal a shredded look. Ephedrine and caffeine stacked together is referred to as the EC Stack (E for ephedrine and C for caffeine). The brand I use for both products is Kaizen or Synergenex (usually Kaizen). Ephedrine is not a new product, it has actually been around for centuries and has many other uses outside of burning fat. It is often used in herbal medicines, or as a nasal decongestant during flu season.

Ephedrine in Canada

The best ephedrine products on the market come from Canada. Most countries have fairly tight regulations on internal sales of ephedrine products, however most allow the import of ephedrine from Canada. Ephedrine from Canada is produced under very strict guidelines and each bottle is not allowed to have more than 50, 8mg tablets. All tablets are restricted to be 8mg which I believe is a good thing. In using the EC stack for many years I always follow the “ramp up” method. What that means is that I start with one caffeine pill and 8mg of ephedrine, once per day, and slowly work my way up to 24mg of ephedrine (3 tablets) and 1 caffeine, 3 times per day.

Ephedrine in the USA, Europe, and Elsewhere

Buying ephedrine in Canada and having it shipped to the USA is hassle free. It is a well known fact that users can buy ephedrine products for personal use from Canada and have them shipped to the USA without issue. For the most part this also applies to Europe and elsewhere. For other countries, it is best to check with your local customs office before trying to order ephedrine products.

Brands of Ephedrine

Kaizen and Synergenex are the two best brands of ephedrine products in my opinion. I have used many different types of ephedrine products dating way back to ephedra diet pills. With Kaizen and Synergenex, you can rest assured that the product was produced in a GMP facility and you are receiving a pure product without any added fluff.


Ephedrine for Fat Loss

In my opinion ephedrine is the undisputed king of fat loss, well, not on its own. Ephedrine and CAFFEINE = the best combination of products for fat loss. When combined, these ingredients produce a thermogenic effect inside of the body that basically turns the body into a fat burning furnace. The beauty thing about it is that these ingredients will target fat tissue while retaining muscle tissue. As a bodybuilder, I especially like the fact that I get some appetite suppression, metabolism boosting effects, and increased energy during a cut. Ephedrine is an awesome product and I would recommend it for sure. If you have any medical conditions you should avoid ephedrine, and if you have any concerns you should consult with your doctor before you take it.